We offer for sale a huge selection of old bricks which have all been cleaned and packed by our own staff to a very high standard.

• Norfolk soft Red Bricks
(these come in different sizes such as standard 2.5" or 2.25" or even 2" tudor bricks)
• Suffolk white bricks
• Cambridge white/pink bricks
• Burwell whites
• Many other types available



As with all the reclaimed materials that come into our yard it is all sorted for quality and when needed back into the correct batches.This means when you buy a pantile from us you know you will get one set not different types which do not fit together.When trying to match up with the existing Pantiles you already have we recommend you bring a sample to our yard and we will do our best to match them up.

• Reclaimed Norfolk handmade pantiles
• Reclaimed Machine made Pantiles
• Reclaimed Black glazed Pantiles
• Reclaimed Smut pantiles
• Reclaimed Hand made anthracite pantiles
• Reclaimed Corrugated pantiles
• Reclaimed french pantiles
• Concrete pantiles (there are too many different types of these to list but do call with your requirements)
• Reclaimed Pin tiles

Reclaimed Welsh roofing slates

Our reclaimed slates come in various sizes as listed below and they can be either blue or purple.

• 8x16" (reclaimed slates)
• 9x18"
• 10x14"
• 10x10"

• 10x18"
• 10x20"
• 11x22"
• 12x20"

• 12x22"
• 12x24"
• 14X24"

Reclaimed Ridge tiles


Like most other period building materials ridge tiles come in all types of shapes and sizes, the most common for the Norfolk area is the terracotta half round ridge.

• Half round ridge tiles
• Black glazed ridge tiles

• Smut ridge tiles
• V shape slate ridge
• Decorative v shape ridge



We offer a large choice of flooring for either inside or outside so even if your not quite sure what your looking for it will be worth a visit to our reclaim yard for both ideas and also any advice we can offer you.

Old Norfolk Pamments

• 6x6" red reclaimed pamments

• 6x6" black reclaimed pamments

• 9X9" Red reclaimed pamments

• 9x9" buff reclaimed pamments

• 12x12" red reclaimed pamments

• 12x12" buff reclaimed pamments

• 12x14" red reclaimed pamments

Floor Bricks

We also do a new reproduction pamment in both 9x9" or 12x12" also in buff or terracotta which are more readily available and at a fraction of the price of old Pamments.

Floor Bricks

9x4" and a half inch reclaimed floor bricks (we do these in red or buff).

Old York stone flag stones

We stock reclaimed york stone flag stone which we sell by the square yard. this comes in various sizes from 1ftx18" right up to 2x3ft.
We also stock york stone crazy paving.


Reclaimed Stable bricks

Stable bricks are are generally used outside for paving and are 9x4.5" in size, they are either red or blue and come with different patterns on top the most common are 2 squares.


We stock pine floorboards as well as oak floorboard in both reclaimed and new from 4" width right up to a 12" wide.



Bathroom furniture

We stock a large number of victorian sinks in all shapes and sizes as well as:

• Cast Iron roll top baths
• WC's
• Heated towel rails
• Many other unique items

Special Items

We have a varying range of unique salvage items in stock at any time including decorative chimney pots, air bricks, architectural stonework, cast iron items, carved stone banisters & stone troughs.

Airbricks Cast Iron Items Stonework Stone Troughs

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